Account creation and basic operations

Create an Account

Please ensure that you have received an email from the company requesting you to create an account before doing so.
(Account creation is only available in Japanese. )
Select "新規登録(New Registration)" and you will be redirected to the new registration page. Please enter your email and password, check the two boxes, and then select "登録(Register)".
(enter your personal email address, not your company's.)
An email will be sent to your registered email address. Please click on the “本登録する(Register)” button in this email to complete the registration process.
You will be redirected to the personal account information entry screen. Please enter your name and select "登録(Register)".
In the image below the "お名前" field can be entered in English, while the "お名前 (カナ)" field in must be entered in katakana or hiragana.

Set Language to English

You can change the language you use from your personal account settings.
Select "個人アカウント(Personal Account)" > "アカウント情報(Details)" from the menu in the upper right corner.
On the "基本情報(Basic Info) screen, select "編集(Edit)".
Choose 'English' from the '言語/Language' dropdown menu and click '保存(save)'.

Basic Operation

After creating an account, login with your registered email address and password to display the home page. Basically, you will use "SO Management".

Check Stock Option Holdings

Selecting "SO Management" will take you to the SO Management home page.
In “SO Management”, you can check the total number of SOs held and estimated gross return after IPO of the SOs you own.
In addition to the total, you can also check the status of each type of SO you own.
(This screen will not appear if you do not own any SOs.)

Check Detailed Information on Stock Options

When you select a security name on the home screen of SO management, it will transition to the detailed screen of the SO, where you can view detailed information about the SO.

Check Your Point Holding Status

If you have points, you can check your points by selecting the "Point" tab.
If you do not have any points, this screen will not appear.